Kick up the backside and RUN 12/1/11

After all last years runs I thought I'd earned a week or two rest. This in reality had turned into a couple of months +.
Although I'd been "doing a bit", I hadn't really been taking it too seriously(apart from my beer and ale drinking which I've been taking very seriously) and I'd been deliberately avoiding the scales. I think the scales had been avoiding me as well, I saw them cowering in the corner of the bathroom a couple of times but I didn't have the hart to inflict myself on them. So I knew I'd been putting weight on.
This morning I decided I would see how bad it really was. Couldn't be that bad, could it?
OMG! How much? No it can't be? It seems as though I have put on nearly a stone in the last six months. Really not happy.
Oh well, I think, early March is the Long Mynd Valleys race weekend. Plenty of time to sort myself out.
Then I receive an email telling me my race information pack and number will be sent to me in the next few days. What? Seems I had agreed to run Hell Runner on the 12th of Feb. So not much time to sort myself out after all.

Afternoon off work. So I popped down to Stretton for a run on my way home. A bit of a struggle and I found myself walking the steeper bits but I managed to plod round. At least I got a few miles and a bit of climbing in.
link to workout page
Hopefully this has kick started my training again.

Now, off t'pub. Doh! No.....

Wrekin Night Run 5/1/11

As the tittle says.
link to workout page
Found it hard going with the lack of exercise and extra weight I've put on over the last couple of months. I was however pleased with the head torch and enjoyed running through the woods at night. Hopefully, after this coming weekend, I'll be able to get back into some sort of regular training and get some races in the diary.