Cardington Cracker Fell Race 2/12/12

AM, 14.5km, 793meters.
I wasn't sure whether I was going to compete in this race this year. My back problems had resurfaced a few days before and I doubted it would be a good idea to run. However, it's a great race and it was the same race last year, that for me, signalled my return to running after a break whilst we acclimatised to having the kids. So, I was interested to see how much I'd improved in twelve months. Previous times were;
2008-2:03:47 first year of fell running.
2009-1:56:40 getting a bit better.
2010? not even sure I ran it that year.
2011 2:12:31 Had put on a lot of weight whilst not running.
2012 1:45:51 WooHoo!
It didn't feel like 26 minutes of an improvement as I was running round, but, it also didn't seem that difficult compared to last year. I even had a bit left at the end and took a couple of runners in the last 50 meters.
I came in, in 123 out of 278 runners. Very pleased with my progress and to have got into the top half of runners again.
Only down side is my back has taken a battering. I'm finding moving of any sort is really painful. Oh well, at least it's forced me to book some physio and maybe I'll get it sorted once and for all.

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Only a few races left this year and I'm not sure I'll be able to compete. I'm hoping with the festive season coming up and my love of real ale that I don't put on too much weight in the next few weeks, it would be a shame to reverse all the good work I've done this year. Next years goal has to be to loose some more weight.