Where has all the time gone? Update.

(having problems editing this post, all the text at once) It's been a while since I last blogged. I've still been doing a bit but have slowed down a lot since last year. The main reason is Mrs Lightning and I have been going through the adoption process. It's been about a year, so far, of courses, CRB checks, interviews, form filling in, more interviews, more forms,,,,,,,but it seems as if we are getting towards the end of a rather long tunnel. And, because of this we have been spending spare time readying everything for "their" arrival and generally making the most of our spare time enjoying ourselves before we start having to be the grown ups. We also became pig farmers a couple of months ago. Um, yes, strange for a veggi. But, now we live in the country and have the space, we think we can do it ethically and rear happy, healthy, organic, free range pigs that will produce good quality meat for our family. We'll see how that one goes. I've not been completely idle though, Carding Mill Valley Race 5th Feb. 4 miles and 1800 feet. Classic Shropshire AS. Several short sharp shocks. Hell in the Middle. 12th Feb. Part of the Hell runner races. In one word. CRAP!! In a few more words, all the worst things associated with road races. Large entry fee £20, goodie bags full of crap. Too many people throwing plastic bottles everywhere and a crap route. Long Mynd Valleys Weekend 5/6th March: Titterstones clee race 2.5 miles 750 feet. Long Mynd Valleys Race 11.5 miles 4500 feet. Championship counter, so lots of big names. I chose the early start option and had the pleasure of spectating whilst competing. Amazing watching the speed of the big names. Also got a tshirt from Mercia for entering both races. Wrekin Fell Race 27th March. 5.5 miles 1700 feet. My local hill, and even though we had friends round the night before (slight hang over) I felt obliged to run it. I've also squeezed in a few kickboxing, weights and training sessions. I've mostly been very slow in the races but am glad to have taken part. I think it will be difficult to do as many races this year as last but am hopeful to at least get the local Shropshire races done

Carding Mill Canter

Titterstone Clee

Long Mynd Valleys

Long Mynd Velleys Presentation

Wrekin Fell Race

All photos provided with the kind permission of Fell Running Pictures