2013 Catch Up

2013 hasn't been a great year for my running. Spent most of the year recovering from injury or adding to the injuries. I did get some more races in though, just didn't perform as well as I would have liked.
Snowdon Race was the slowest ever.
Peris, I had mixed feelings about. The Welsh Fell Running scene had lost Photographer Pete Douglas, who used to be poised with camera to capture the fatigued runners at the end of the race.  Also, Alastair Tye had had health problems which was upsetting and I just wasn't feeling it on the day. So, when I encountered my running buddy walking back to Penny Pass to get the bus, it didn't take much convincing to throw in the towel for a DNF.
I took my Mrs place the following day at Lake Vyrnwy half marathon and just plodded round with no great expectation.
The next run was 'Mad Jacks 5' five mile cross country which I felt pretty good at.
Wrekin Wrecker was the next, slower than the previous year but not my slowest time. I think at this stage I was starting to come back a bit.
Squeezed in a 5k race, in the village, a few days before Christmas. Annoyingly, I spent the first 30 seconds of the race tying my shoe laces up, so had to play catch up for the rest of the race.
Started 2014 with the 'Morning After' run. Not my best or my worst time. Just glad to get the year off to a start of some sort.
I'm really hoping the rest of 2014 will be more productive than last year.

Lake Vyrnwy Half
Mad Jacks 5
Wrekin Wrecker

Village 5k

Morning After