Pontesbury Fell Race 27/6/12

AS. I last did this race in 2010 when the race route was reversed. So, it's difficult to work out, again, if I'm any faster, or, much slower. It looks like everyone was generally faster in 2010 so I'm not too worried about being a couple of minutes slower this year. I was faster than in 2009 when the course was in the same direction as last night.
My weight is slowly coming down and I feel like I'm on track to conquor Borrowdale in a few weeks. I have a way to go and a few more races to complete, but, I'm feeling positive.                                                   
Thanks to Alastair of Fell Running Pictures link for the photos and support at the race.

Rodneys Pillar 20/6/12

AS. Reversed route from last time I did this race, so I don't know whether I was any faster, or, much slower. Felt ok.

Thanks as always to Alastair of Fell Running Pictures for his photos. And the encouragement.