Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon 9/9/12

taken a couple of days earlier
I set off to run the race as hard as I could, just to see what I could do it in. Half way round and I was looking good for a sub 1:30 finish. But....with five miles left to run I started really struggling to maintain the pace. I felt fit enough to maintain the speed but, I think, the lack of road preparation did it in for me. My legs were just hurting too much to continue running that fast. In the end I came in with a time of 1:33. Still pleased with the result. Only problem is, I wanted to put road running to bed, but that time has planted the seed of a sub 1:30. I know that if I were lighter, or I trained for it, I could do it. Hmm, I think I leave it until next year though.
photo 'pinched' from  Gwynfor's Sport Pictures Cymru

Next race: Peris Horse Shoe. SBRT?