Not been up to much

After a year of lots of racing and training, I, have finished it with doing not a lot. In the last few weeks all I have managed to do is a couple of kickboxing sessions, a couple of weight sessions and a couple of short runs up the Wrekin.
I'm hoping to plod up Stipperstones on Boxing day for the Devils Chair Dash Race and do the Morning after race on new years day in Church Stretton. I'm heavier than I've been for a while and I'll probably have hang overs for both races. So, my times will be even slower than usual. In the new year I will set myself some targets.

Peace to all Men

Wrekin Wrecker Fell Race 21/11/10

AM 2400 feet 8.1 miles.
Due to some back problems and a holiday I haven't done much in the way of exercise for a few weeks. But, despite a hangover, I was determined to to get this one in as it's my local hill and organised by the very generous Newport Running Club . Everyone gets a prize regardless of position or time. This year I was handed a Wrekin Wrecker Buff as I crossed the finish line. Excellent!
I started ok but as I made my way up the first climb I knew it was going to be a struggle. My only saving grace was I still had some speed going down hill. So, as usual I got over taken lots going up and over took lots going down and almost held onto my position on the flat.
Alastair's Fell Running Pictures
It was hard going and I was slower than last year, but, I'm glad I did it and hope it kicks me into action again, before, the start of my annual Christmas binge.

New torch !

Quick run up the Wrekin to try the new torch.

Despite all the advice on which torch to buy (thanks guys) I ignored it all ( sorry guys) and bought a less power full Petzle.
Suits me just fine. I usually start off with a light but find the light is too bright once my eyes have acclimatised. The light I've got has a red light which is good for this scenario.
I ran halfway up with the light on full, then turned it to half strength until the top. Once there I turned it off all together and jogged halfway down just using ambient light. Once in the darker woods I used the red light and only used the normal light at the bottom to save scaring the crap out of some walkers just starting up the hill.
Great to be night running again.

I think the torch will also be usefull at work teaching pilots to fly at night.

Shame on Me 24/10/10

Yes, road running again.
This year 12,000 people entered the Birmingham Half Marathon.

I've now run all three of these now to be annual events. I entered to support Mrs Lightning AKA "The Panther". I really don't like road running. Especially round the dull roads of Birmingham. At the start of the race loads of people were wearing jumpers that they discarded at the side of the road. Water stations all along the route with thousands of plastic bottles and gels packets also discarded at the side of the road for someone else to clear up. All very different to the average fell race.
Not much good to say about the race. Only that I was a bit faster than last year.

Bring on the next cold wet muddy misty mountain race.

Wrekin Training Run 21/10/10

Just got to the foot of the Wrekin in time to leg it up and down before it went dark. 30 mins.

I must get myself a new head torch. I didn't do much night running last year and tonight I remembered how much I enjoyed it two years ago.

Lake Vyrnwy Training Run 17/10/10

A trip over to lake Vyrnwy in Wales to help the Panther with her preparation for the Birmingham Half Marathon next weekend.

It was ideal preparation. 12 miles round the lake with no climbing or descending. I generally don't like road running but with such nice scenery it wasn't too much effort to plod round. With the pace we had on the way round the Panther looks good to equal her time of two years ago. I'm not sure whether I'll plod round with her on the day or run it as fast as I can just to see what I can do it in.
photo taken on a previous visit
After the run we popped in Lake Vyrnwy Hotel for a chilax in the steam room and Jacuzzi to aid with the recovery of the leg muscles.
We finished off the visit with a pint and a meal in much acclaimed restaurant. I think this is my favorite hotel restaurant combination ever.

Breidon Hill Fell Race 10/10/10

AM 7 miles 2300 feet.

I missed out on this race last year due to being committed to running the Birmingham Half Marathon. This year, despite running the Langdale Horse shoe the day before, I was determined to run this race again.
So, with stiff legs and back I set off at a slow pace with the intention of jogging round. It was a bit of an effort to start with, but, halfway round I started to feel more energetic and picked the pace up a bit.
I finished within 30 seconds of my previous time 2 years earlier.
Glad I did the race. It was a good chance to catch up with the Shropshire lot.

Great photos from Alastairs excellent fell running pictures site

Next year I won't be doing Langdale so should be able to give it a better go .

Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race 9/10/10

AL 14 miles 4000 feet.
My second run of this race. Last year the weather a bit on the misty side so navigation, because I didn't know the area, was a of a problem. I was lucky to tag along with someone who did know the route so got away with following MG round and not getting lost.

This year I knew where I was going and the weather was forecast to be good. I really wanted to break 4 hours this time (4:05 last year).
Started off at a reasonable pace and continued plodding round. Navigation was not a problem and I was looking good to break 4 hours. It came close though. Going up the last mountain, Pike of Blisco, I started to flake. I started going down the other side towards the finish, which, for me, should have been a fast descent and a chance to catch a few people I had no energy left. I let a few people pass me and didn't care. I even started not to care about breaking four hours.

10 yards from the finish I just manage a pose for the camera

In the end I came in in 3:55 but I felt as if I were ready to collapse. It nearly killed me. I must have got some thing wrong with nutrition and sleep.
After wolfing a load of food and having a nap in the car I felt right as rain (apart from the back) and ready for the next days race.

Arenig Fawr Fell Race 3/10/10

AM 6.7 1900 race website

This is my second run of this race. It was touch and go whether I was going to make it. My back was still (and is still) hurting and I was at a friends gig the night before. But, I dragged myself out of bed and got there just in time to register.
It's organised by the legend that is Yiannis Tridimas and it has the finest array of soup and cakes I have ever seen at any race. That alone should be enough of a reason to attend.
photo from Alastair's site
It is also a really good race route in an under used part of the world. It had rained heavily in the days leading up to the race so was very boggy and slippery in places. Even with the new xtalon 190's I still ended up knees and elbows deep in the bog on a couple of occasions.
In the end I came in a whole two seconds faster than last year so I must be getting better ;-)
Really glad I attended the race again and have already put it in the calender for next year.

Hinstock 5k Race (road)

After some light jogging up and around the Wrekin on Thursday night, 90 minutes, I knew my back still wasn't able to cope with too much abuse.

So I had my excuses ready when the Panther and I hobbled down to the village hall to register. It was there I saw a Chris, fellow villager, in a Newport Running Club vest. I had no idea he was a runner (well road runner if that counts). And, a road runner of some note. Bugger ! first local was now even more unlikely. Oh well.....
90 runners gathered outside the Falcon Inn for the organiser to warn us about some slippy parts of the course (maybe the road runner will take a fall)? and inform us the course is actually "a bit" further than 5k. Then Lord Morris counts us down and blows the horn that starts the race. I start off tentatively to see what the back feels like. I still hurts, even after taking MattR's advice of brufen brufen brufen, but it's only for 20 minutes or so, so, I plod on. Ahead I can see the lead pack pulling away. And, with it, villager Chris. After them were a second group which I try to keep up with. I pass the supportive marshals and some relatives that popped over to see us. Now in about 25th position I seem to be getting used to the back pain so decide to pick up the pace and try and reel in some runners. It takes some time but slowly I bring them in. Still a good way behind the lead pack and no chance of catching them I somehow manage to start pulling away from the rest of the runners behind with only the occasional challenge from another local (young lad). With about a mile to go I reach the "slippy bit" and there is no sign of any fallen local runners. With no chance of local winner there is now only pride to fight for. With 800 meters left I look round to see a group of five club runners bearing down on me. YOU WILL NOT PASS I think to myself and put on a bit more speed. Last 100 meters and there's now only one challenger on my shoulder. We both put on a sprint finish as we round the corner towards the village hall car park and the finish line. I hold him off.
In the end I came in 12th overall and second local. I'm pleased with 12th out of 90. Much better than I usually do at fell races. Maybe I should start doing more road runs ?.........Naa
The good news is, I found out talking to him afterwards, Chris is moving out of the village in a few weeks. He will be sorely missed. But not by me next year ;-) I just have to make sure I can stay ahead of young lad. Unless something were to happen to him leading up to next years race ?
Wohahahaha ! Wohahahahah ! Wohahahahahahahah

Catch up

Kickboxing 13/9/10
75 minutes sparing and circuit training. Very difficult after running the Peris two days earlier.

Wrekin training run 15/9/10
Quick blast up. Started slowly and reluctantly but felt strong on the second half of the climb. Jogged down then around the other side. About 1 hour all together.

Road run 16/9/10
With the Panther to help prepare her for the Birmingham half marathon in 5 weeks. It was only supposed to be a shortish one as there wasn't much day light left. In the end though, after several wrong turns, we ended up doing 9 miles. Doh ! It was well and truly night by the time we got back. On the plus side though it looks like she maybe on target to break 2 hours in five weeks.

Trail run with some sprints thrown in 18/9/10
Away for the weekend but managed to squeeze in a 60 minute trail run with the Panther. Nice and light for the trail run but finished off with some hill sprints.

Peris Horseshoe 11/9/10

AL 17.5 miles 8500 feet. A race of epic proportions.
The longest race I have done to date and a truly inspired route. Starting in Llamberis with a steep climb through the slate quarry and beyond up to Elidir Fawr check point 1. Scramble over a load of slippy rocks "find" then follow a trail around to Y Garn (2). Down then UP Glyder Fawr (3)then try and find a good route down to Pen-Y-pass (4) the half way point and end of the line for the "halfers". 9 miles 4500 feet. Avoid the temptation to get on the bus back to Llamberis, cross the road and start up the miners track before cutting off left and climbing up to Lliwedd (5). Then there's the down and up to Snowdon (6)before going down the Snowdon rangers path to the foot of the last climb, Moel Cynghorion (7). A quad busting descent down to the last check point (8) then if there's any energy left a run through the woods towards the Vic and the finish.
After 8300 feet of climbing I have to stop for a rest
This is one of the hardest races in the calender and in my opinion, with only 60ish runners entering, vastly under attended.
Last year Methuselah and I did the half Peris. A race comparable with Ben Nevis in terms of distance and climb and no easy race in it self. At the end of that race, as the half Perisers, we weren't deemed to have worked hard enough, to be awarded a slate coaster. The full Perisers were. So it was then that I decided I would do the full Peris route this year and get my hands on a coaster. Thankfully Methuselah agreed to come along for the ride.
Photo from Fellrunning Pictures check point 8
To ensure we made the cut off time, at the halfway point, we decided to take the early start option. This meant starting with the halfers 30 minutes before the serious full Perisers were released. Even before check point (2) the two leaders had past us. Incredible. It turned out we didn't need the early start as we would have got there before the cut off anyway, but, we seriously slowed on the second half so I'm glad we went early as not to have the marshals waiting around in crappy weather for us to turn up. Worse still, all the jelly babies they were giving out may have gone by the time we got there.
Well earned Peris mugs (not coasters this year)
8 people didn't make the cut off and 3 people did not finish. In the end we came in a little under 6 hours. We weren't last but weren't far off. I'll put this down to the seriousness of the competitors that take part in a race like this. Definitely not for the faint hearted. As one of the halfers said to me on the way round. He ran the full a couple of years earlier and collapsed on the second half. He got carried off the mountain.
A race of epic proportions.
Incidentally. Had we have done the half this year, with my time at Pen-Y-pass, I would have finished in the top half ;-)

Ben Nevis Race

AM 10 miles 4406 feet. Britain's highest mountain.
A bit flashy I know, but, leading up to the race it was the thought of the possible 10 hour plus drive up the M6 on a Friday afternoon that was putting me off. So, I had the offer of using a friends plane and my running buddie Methuselah had offered to go halves on the fuel. "Ok then. Lets fly up".
A classic. 1969 Bellanca Viking. The only one in the UK and our transport to Oban airfield.
A day at the office for me, although I'm usually getting paid to do that sort of stuff(lucky bugger), but a novelty for Methuselah.
It was 1 hour 50 minutes later we touched down on the runway in Oban. Hire car was already waiting and a short time after we drove into Fort William feeling fresh and ready for some lunch. If you have the money, which I don't, it's the only way to travel.

Next day was the race. We booked in early and so had time to wander round Fort William for a while before heading back to prepare for the race.
pre race team pose
The usual dilemmas as to which tshirt, shorts and trainers to wear. Then to the start where all 481 runners were serenaded to start line by the bagpipers.
Started with a circuit of the playing field to wave at the spectators then onto the road for a short section. A path takes you around a hill and slowly uphill towards the foot of the Ben.
The climbing then continues up the Ben to the halfway up point and the first cut off, which we made by a good ten minutes. Then, when the tourist path starts to zig zag up the mountain, we cut off left and went the direct route to the top. This is a real slog but you've just got to get your head down and get on with it. A while into this climb is when the front runners start coming down past us. Incredible athletes these people are.
Towards the top it levels out a bit so you can start running again to the summit. Hand your tag in, turn round and head back. The only difference going back is that, at the halfway point
everyone takes a short cut down a ridiculously steep grassy bank to get back onto the path. At this stage my quads just started collapsing underneath me and I spent almost as much time on my back side as on my legs.
If I do the race again I may consider going back via the path. Although further and maybe longer in time at least I would still have some thing left in may legs for the remainder of the race.
With wobbly legs we continue down the path, which is still quite steep, towards the road and the final slog back towards the field and the finish line.
After 10 minutes getting my breath we go in search of recovery food . Which I find in a tent in the form of cake, lots of cake ;-)
And beer !
Then a soak in the river. Bracing !

before going back to the B&B to get changed then go out in search for more "recovery" food.
"juzt one more for the road. Hicup"
I only really wanted to do the Ben Nevis race to tick a box and say that I'd done it. And, the route is nothing special, but, the race itself had something, I can't explain, that makes me want to go back again next year.
Anyone fancy chipping in for some aviation fuel ?

Last run before Ben Nevis

I wanted to go for a run but nothing too strenuous as we are running the Ben Nevis Race on Saturday.

I popped down to the Wrekin and had a quick blast up to the top. I thought I'd do this bit as fast as I could as the last few times I've been there I had been running for endurance rather than speed and wondered what I could do it in. 16:58. I was pleased with the time. Only 20 seconds slower than my best ever time.
After that I slowed it right down. Jogging down the opposite side and around the southern side trying to get my technique right.

In total I was out for just over an hour. Really pleasant trail run on a nice summers day. Probably not many of those left this year.

5k trail/road run. Weigthts 30/8/10

Quick run round the lanes followed by an upper body weights session.

Ragleth Inn Fell Race 25/8/10

AS 4 miles 1600 feet.
Wet, windy and a little bit slippy.
Callow hill viewed on a much nicer day
Great race and really pleased I managed to make it on time coming back from my Peris recce in Wales. This was the last in the series and I had done all the others. It was also the last race at all in Shropshire for quite some time. Good to catch up with the usual crowd before and after the race as well.
Photo from a rather wet Alastair
Starts by crossing a ford followed by a gradual climb up a track. Then leaving the track and going straight up Callow hill. Over the other side and back onto the track for another gradual climb. Next is a left turn and a very steep descent into Callow hollow, a good portion of which I spent sliding down on my backside(unintentionally), and follow the stream down the valley back to the base of Callow on the opposite side to where we started. All the way up the steep relentless climb back to the top. Retrace our earlier steps back to the finish.
Looks like I was a bit slower than last year but I'll put that down to heavy legs and the terrible weather conditions ;-)

Peris Horseshoe recce 2

10 miles 4500ft ish.

After missing the turn, for the last bit of of the route, on my recce last week I decided to go back and finish the job.

It was probably a good idea as I think navigating and common sense will be lacking after 16+ miles and 7000 feet+ of climbing/descending. Although, if the weather is as good as it were yesterday, navigation should not be a problem.

Looking forward to the race even though I know it's going to be really tough.

Just about got back in time to enter the last Fell Race in the Shropshire Summer Series.

Peris Horseshoe Recce

17 miles, 7000 feet, ish.

With the Peris Horseshoe Mountain Race coming up in a few weeks and the disappointment of being timed out at Borrowdale I thought I'd better get some miles and some climbing in my legs. What better way than give the race route a recce.

I did the Half Peris last year (9 miles 4500 feet) so I was familiar with the first section. But, as most of it was in mist last year and I ended up tagging along with some local fellas, I didn't think it would do me any harm to find myself round.
zigzaggin through the quarry
It starts as it means to carry on. Brutally ! From Llanberis a 2700 ft climb through the disused quarry then continue up to Elidir Fawr. Scramble over a load of rocks then some contouring and another climb up to Foel goch. A nice fast descent than another climb up Y garn. Another fast descent before a real slog up to Glyder Fawr. After that try and find a good line of Glyder down the Pen Y pass car park and the finish (of the half that is). That is a mammoth race on it's own.
After that the real battle starts. A gradual climb up the miners Track with all the ill equipped tourists asking stupid questions then some relief from the tourist as you cut off the main path and head up the trail towards Y Lliwedd.
looking back towards the miners track
With tired legs this is really difficult and towards the top it's so steep you're using hands and legs to pull yourself up.
hand and leg stuff
Next is a series of ups and downs (mainly ups) up to the summit of Snowdon. Snowdon behind the cloud
Again, the last couple of hundred feet is hands and leg stuff.
view across to Y-Lliwedd taken on another occasion
Once at the top you are reunited with the masses. A lot of whom have gone up on the train and get in the way even more than the walkers. Start going down the Llamberis path for a few hundred metres and look out for a left turn taking you down the Snowdon Ranger Path. I missed this turn and continued down the Llamberis path. By the time I'd realised I couldn't muster the energy to drag myself back up to take the correct route so continued the 4.5 mile down to where I started. I should have gone down to the foot of Moel Cynghorion for the last climb and then down the very steep grassy section which takes you to a path leading back into Llamberis.
I am now aware of the enormity of the task ahead. This must be one of the hardest most technical races on the calender. I can't wait.

Ponderosa Fell Race 11/8/10

BS 4 miles 951 feet.

My second run of this race. It's slightly unusual in that it starts at the top of a valley (near the Ponderosa cafe, Horseshoe pass Llangollen). Winds up a path to the top of a nearby hill then starts flowing it's way, speedily, down to the bottom of the valley. After that there's a slog back up the valley to the finish. I think it's the only race I've done that finishes with an up hill.

I started right at the back. I mean last. I don't know why. Maybe I was worried about my legs after Borrowdale and kickboxing in the previous few days and I didn't want to get in any ones way. Maybe a bit of a daft decision as I spent the whole race trying to get past people. Never mind, I was pleased with the result. I started last out of 118 runners and finished 72nd. I also knocked 2 minutes of last years time ! Woohoo. Great race and I really enjoy the fast descents.

Borrowdale Fell Race 7/8/10

AL 17 miles 6700 feet.
Or that's what it would have been if I'd have finished.
For a change I had a really healthy week leading up to the race. No booze and healthy eating. I trained a few times but nothing too strenuous. I even lost a bit of weight.
collecting my number
Because Methuselah and I had never done a race of this length our plan was to start relatively slowly and pace ourselves for the first three hills and save some energy for the last two. But not so slowly we wouldn't make the cut off (Honister 14miles 4.5 hours). Or that was the plan. going up Bessyboot
Unfortunately it didn't work out quite to plan.
When the race started we jogged out at a reasonable pace but straight away I felt as it I didn't have enough energy. I'm never quick going up hills but I found the first hill, Bessyboot (check point 1), even more of a struggle than usual. Then it seemed a real battle just to keep up with the stragglers across the top and up a gradual climb to Allen Crags and check point 2.
We agreed before hand that we would need some food to get round and had decided that would be after 2 hours. 1:50 into the race I decided I couldn't wait the extra 10 minutes and shoved a GIANT size snickers bar down me.
Whilst I'd been going through a bit of a mental battle Methusela had been jogging ahead, filling the joint water bottle up from streams and patiently waiting for me to turn up to rehydrate me.
As we ascended towards Scarfell Pike the weather closed in a bit and we got separated. I think I took a poor line at one stage which probably cost me a couple of minutes and a few places as, frustratingly, some of the few people I'd passed ended up ahead of me. I managed to hook up with Methuselah just before Broad Crag and we started the, now relatively short climb, up Scafell Pike together. By now the Snickers had kicked in and I started to feel more normal and found the climb up Scafell Pike to check point 3 much easier. So it seemed that I'd been lacking energy due to a shortage of fuel.
going up Great Gable
The run down to the base of Great gable was pleasant enough and we thought we had enough
time in hand to make the cut off. Going up Great Gable check point 4 was hard but you just had to get your head down and get it done.
Coming off Gable was easy enough and all we had left to navigate was our way over Brandreth, Grey Knotts and down to Honister. I don't think we took a bad line at this stage but it was taking us longer than expected to cover the distance. On the run down to Honister it became apparent we wouldn't make the cut off. I got there 4 minutes too late.
running in at Honister
I had a mixture of disappointment, at not making the cut off, and relief, at not having to continue.
It really hadn't been a good race for me from the start. A lack of energy and when I usually make up time going down hill they were all a bit too steep to really let go. After the race I was really peed off. And, a few days later, I still am. It has however given me some determination to loose some weight. I think it's the only way I'm going to be able to do these longer races with real intent.
I will go back next year to finish the race.

Wrekin slow run 4/8/10


Up and over the Ercal, down the road past the hotel, up the steepest part of the Wrekin, up to the summit, down the other side, up and over little hill, round the side of the Wrekin, back up to the summit, retraced my steps towards the Ercal missing out the short cut, up and over Ercal again and back to the truck. All on no breakfast.
Probably last bit of running before the Borrowdale Fell Race this Saturday.

Green Green Grass Fell Race 28/7/10

AS 5 miles 1500 feet.

My second run of this race, but, this year the course was a different route.
Registration was at the Golden Lion Inn, Llangynhafal, Denbighshire. From registration there's a bit of an uphill slog just to get to the start.
On the way upAlistairs Fell Running Pictures
Starts with a steep uphill section then the incline reduces for a while before steepening again for the ascent of Moel Famau. Then a nice fast descent before cutting across another hill through some waist high bracken (or did I just go the hard way). Next another couple of climbs before the final fast descent.
last hill
I enjoyed the race, even with stiff legs from Snowdon, and prefered the new route. I only lost a couple of places going up, that was because I took a poor route up one section, and the fast descent suited me. I learnt after wards that quite a few of the lead runners went the wrong way so I may have artificially been boosted up the rankings.

Snowdon Race

Back to Llamberis for my second run of this, the 35th, Snowdon Race. AM 10 miles 3300 feet.

A popular race with 500 entrants from around the globe running. And, particular excitement as this year Kenyan runner Wilson Chemweno was expected to turn up and have a go at Kenny Stuarts 1985 record. They'd even dragged Kenny down from Cumbria to start the race.

As you can see from the promo video it has the feel of a "big" race. We all wore timing chips, got a free tshirt and the event was even being televised by Welsh TV channel S4C. Also like a big race there were plenty of spectators around to give support.
The route itself starts from Padarn park with a shortish road section before picking up the well trodden Llamberis path all the way to the summit. As it's a public footpath and it's the highest peak in Wales the path is littered with walkers especially towards the top where Snowdon ranger, Pyg and Miners tracks merge with the race route. Most of the walkers try and stay out of the way, some of them don't. Most of the walkers are wrapped up in layers of waterproofing and have been battling the elements for hours to get to the top. They tend to have slightly confused looks on their faces as we run past in vest and shorts. Then there's other runners returning from the summit, whose wobbly legs haven't quite got used to running downhill after going up hill for 5 miles, so it makes for an interesting obstacle course towards the top. The last sting going up is the 10 or so steps up to the cairn. They seem unfeasibly large. Then follow the same route back, with wobbly legs, trying not to bump into any runners coming up.
Alistairs Fellrunning Pictures
The weather wasn't as nice as last year. Drizzle at the start and getting progressively worse the higher up you went. Still, I was ok in shorts and vest for the most part and only have about 10 minutes of discomfort towards the top so didn't bother getting my water proofs out. I didn't have any great expectations for my race. Just so long as I came in at around the same time as last year. I started right at the back, which was probably a bit of a mistake, then spent the first few minutes trying to get past people. I didn't really loose that many places going up but the people I'd been with did start to pull away from me towards the top. It felt like I had quite a good run down and I went past 59 other runners. I even managed a sprint in the last 50 yards to over take two runners having their own battle. In the end I was just over a minute and a half slower than last year but happy with the result. My running buddy Methuselah had less of a good time taking a tumble on the way down and stoically hobbled the rest of the descent to cross the line and finish the race. Others would have given up and been happy with a DNF. I don't know why but there seems to be more tumbles on this race than any other that I do. As well as Methuselah several other experienced fell runners tumbled on the way down including another friend Dylan. He got put on the train, with two other injured runners, by the medics.
I enjoyed the race. It was very well organised and I will probably try to get in again next year.
As for Wison Chemweno and Kenny's record ?
No where near ! He had a reasonable run up but lost 6 places on the way down. Asked after wards if he would return next year he said "Probably not. I hate the downhill". So I guess Kenny's record is safe for a while longer.

Hill Sprints and Jog 22/7/10

10 min warm up jog up and over little hill (wrekin). Then 6 x sprint up, walk down and start the next one straight away. First one 20 secs but by the last one I was covering the same distance in 25 secs. Finished off with a slow jog back to the truck.

Looking forward to the Snowdon International Race on Saturday.

Stiperstones Fell Race 14/7/10

AS 3.2 miles 800ft (I think it's a bit more than 800ft).
5th race in the Shropshire summer series.

My third run of this race, but, this year it was run in the opposite direction to the last two years. I think maybe because some new steps had been put in where we usually run down. I guess it could have been dangerous legging it down those.
I started Ok but as usual I lost a few places going up the hills. And, as usual I went past a few people on the way down with an added bonus of some people going the wrong way on the last descent. They followed the path instead of cutting across though the bracken. I couldn't however keep up with RichardP. Again he seemed to be storming up the hills disappearing into the distance. He's having a fantastic year.
Photo from Alistairs Fell Running Pictures just before the cheeky short cut. It actually looks as if I'm going quite fast on this one.
I enjoyed the race. Even the torrential rain on the way round and at the end was nice.