New torch !

Quick run up the Wrekin to try the new torch.

Despite all the advice on which torch to buy (thanks guys) I ignored it all ( sorry guys) and bought a less power full Petzle.
Suits me just fine. I usually start off with a light but find the light is too bright once my eyes have acclimatised. The light I've got has a red light which is good for this scenario.
I ran halfway up with the light on full, then turned it to half strength until the top. Once there I turned it off all together and jogged halfway down just using ambient light. Once in the darker woods I used the red light and only used the normal light at the bottom to save scaring the crap out of some walkers just starting up the hill.
Great to be night running again.

I think the torch will also be usefull at work teaching pilots to fly at night.

1 comment:

  1. Can't beat new kit, night running and scaring walkers. You got a hat-trick there!