Shame on Me 24/10/10

Yes, road running again.
This year 12,000 people entered the Birmingham Half Marathon.

I've now run all three of these now to be annual events. I entered to support Mrs Lightning AKA "The Panther". I really don't like road running. Especially round the dull roads of Birmingham. At the start of the race loads of people were wearing jumpers that they discarded at the side of the road. Water stations all along the route with thousands of plastic bottles and gels packets also discarded at the side of the road for someone else to clear up. All very different to the average fell race.
Not much good to say about the race. Only that I was a bit faster than last year.

Bring on the next cold wet muddy misty mountain race.


  1. Any run's a good run I reckon, even if it is round Brum. Makes you appreciate the fells even more too.

  2. Shame on you! Oh hang on a minute, I'm running the Worksop Half this weekend...What have we become Lightning?! ;-)

  3. This is becoming contagious. Must look away

  4. I did a half marathon once - but didn't inhale...

    Good on The Panther though, well done.

  5. Curiousity level raised now... aren't you going to tell us how fast "a bit faster than last year was"??