Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race 9/10/10

AL 14 miles 4000 feet.
My second run of this race. Last year the weather a bit on the misty side so navigation, because I didn't know the area, was a of a problem. I was lucky to tag along with someone who did know the route so got away with following MG round and not getting lost.

This year I knew where I was going and the weather was forecast to be good. I really wanted to break 4 hours this time (4:05 last year).
Started off at a reasonable pace and continued plodding round. Navigation was not a problem and I was looking good to break 4 hours. It came close though. Going up the last mountain, Pike of Blisco, I started to flake. I started going down the other side towards the finish, which, for me, should have been a fast descent and a chance to catch a few people I had no energy left. I let a few people pass me and didn't care. I even started not to care about breaking four hours.

10 yards from the finish I just manage a pose for the camera

In the end I came in in 3:55 but I felt as if I were ready to collapse. It nearly killed me. I must have got some thing wrong with nutrition and sleep.
After wolfing a load of food and having a nap in the car I felt right as rain (apart from the back) and ready for the next days race.


  1. Not enough Kendal Mint Cake I reckon ;-)

  2. I agree. Another half bar on Crinkles would have done it. And, more than 5 hours sleep the night before would have helped.

    Notice how reluctant I am to mention how well you did in the race. I may have to edit the post at a later date :-)

  3. Brilliant effort. Just walking that first section up to Stickle Tarn kills me!