Breidon Hill Fell Race 10/10/10

AM 7 miles 2300 feet.

I missed out on this race last year due to being committed to running the Birmingham Half Marathon. This year, despite running the Langdale Horse shoe the day before, I was determined to run this race again.
So, with stiff legs and back I set off at a slow pace with the intention of jogging round. It was a bit of an effort to start with, but, halfway round I started to feel more energetic and picked the pace up a bit.
I finished within 30 seconds of my previous time 2 years earlier.
Glad I did the race. It was a good chance to catch up with the Shropshire lot.

Great photos from Alastairs excellent fell running pictures site

Next year I won't be doing Langdale so should be able to give it a better go .


  1. Wow I am impressed.
    You should have been refuelling on a full English and nursing a hangover after Langdale.

  2. Great to hear that. Congrats on the race...Good luck on your next race.