Gold at Cader Idris Race

AM 16.9k 915m
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Well, sort off. Spot prize given to me as I crossed the line. I guess they thought I looked like a man who enjoys real ale a little too much. Wonder why they thought that?

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Caradoc Classic 8/5/13

AS 5.6k 268m
Didn't really fancy doing this on the night. My legs were still sore from a 2 hour jog two days earlier.
But, I was promised a couple of samples of beer from a fellow home brewer which gave me some incentive to get my self out. And, as always, once out, I really enjoyed it.
I was a minute and a half slower than last time I did the race in 2010 but as I was still recovering from the injury and the weight had gone up again, I didn't mind too much.
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