Time Trial 25/11/12

"A competition on foot for runners & challenge walkers (solo or pairs).
The object is to travel on foot, unaided, between Little Stretton and Stiperstones villages in the shortest time possible. The route is not prescribed but is subject to rules and requires local knowledge. Participants need competence and self-reliance on upland terrain. Enter on the day only. Interval start times 9:30 - 11:30 am."
Time trial web site
As the quote says really. Get from one village to the other as quick as you can. Simple. Look at the map, choose a route and go for it!
About 9 miles and maybe 1200ft ish of climbing?
We got to Little Stretton, I signed in, received my dibber and wondered to the start. Alex and the kids(support team) saw me off then they legged it to the car to see if they could beat me to the top of the Long Mynd. They did, but parked in the wrong place so I had to take a slight de tour to get a round of high 5's before running on to the next road crossing, where again, they would be waiting to offer water and moral support.
I thought I'd chosen a pretty direct route with no real steep climbs so I could run the whole thing. I was a bit surprised on top of the Mynd to see people seemingly running off in all directions. A lot choosing a longer road route. Why?
I raced down to "Bridges" where the support team were again waiting with high fives and water.
Then I continued to Stipperstones and the finish, where again, the team were waiting with 5's and water.
I was pleased with my route selection and my running(considering slight sore head from previous day of fine dinning and wine tasting). I came in, in the top third of runners, 1:30,01.
We rewarded our good efforts in the Stipperstones Inn (fell runners pub of the year) with lunch and a pint for the runners.

Last photo from sponsors High Sports
A top, fun event which I hope to do again next year.

Wrekin Wrecker Fell Race 18/11/12

AM 12.9km 732m
The longer of the three races run on my local hill. Starts on one side, works its way halfway up, dives down to the bottom, round the other side, up and over, back to the original side, round a bit more, up and over again, then a long slog back towards the start. A bit dizzying really, but a great race with loads of variation in terrain.

Red, pink then blue
Thanks Andros.

Taken a few days earlier.
Organised Newport Running Club. Traditionally, a very generous race. You don't usually get much in the way of gongs in fell races, which keeps the cost down and is one of the things I like about fell running. Pay ya fiver, run over a few hills/mountains, go to the pub. NRC must have made a loss in previous years as the price had gone up to £8!!! Extortionate, but still worth it. And you do get some shizzle.

New black Buff to go with the green from a couple of years ago.
 There was a bit of pressure on me for this race. As well as my running buddy Alex, who is running well at the moment and was faster than me last time we ran this race, we had two fell newbie mates joining us. Steve, accomplished road runner and Tat, the contender.
I had a great run and I think the extra pressure helped, as I came in 14 minutes faster than 2010, in the top half of runners, and more importantly, ahead of the newbies.
Managed to avade photographer Alastair in the race but he caught me stuffing my face with chips

And snapped us all looking a bit "special" post race

Ras Rhobell Fawr 10/11/12

AM 10.3k 562m
From Llanfachreth village, somewhere near Dollgellou, Wales.
Organised by meirionnydd running club
Pictures from Esyllt Richards who was out marshaling with Ifan.
I last ran this in 2009. The weather that year was horrendous. Much more pleasant this year.
I came in 50th out of 83 runners(1:11). Less than three minutes faster than 2009. I would have liked to do slightly better and get into the top half of runners but I couldn't have tried much harder.