kickboxing 29/10/09


Warm up on the pads followed by a load of sparing .
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Running 28/10/09


The usual Wrekin training run . Up , over , down and back again . A real struggle to get into it but glad I did .
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Kickboxing 27/10/09


10 mins skipping 10 mins pad work 30 mins sparring .
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Stipperstones "sports tracker"25/10/09

Still not as accurate as I would like ,but,,,,,,
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Stipperstones 25/10/09

Not really a training run . But , Mrs Lightning has agreed to run the "Devils Chair Dash" fell race on boxing day this year so it was a chance to show her the route again and for her to get her head round the steep bits . It was a case of "stick and carrot". Stick=run . carrot=pub lunch in the stipperstones inn(one of our favorite shropshire pubs). To make it a bit more challenging for me I added a few uphill sprints to the run .

First pic was nearly at the top looking back down the valley and Mrs L . Second pic ,the Devils chair.

Third pic , the famous stipperstones inn cat Skittles . Posted by Picasa

Downfalls of the "Nokia sports tracker"

These are copies of the Wrekin run from the web . The pictures are good ,but, today the information is nonsense . The GPS has lost its signal several times and come up with inaccurate information . I may have to give up on the phone and buy a Garmin watch instead .
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Wrekin training run 24/10/09

Couldn't find a local fell race,so,went for a run up the Wrekin ,over the top ,down the other side and back again .
Up to the top in 18mins . Not my fastest time,but,at least I got out .

First photo ,view from the top facing North

Second photo , View from top facing west towards the long mynd
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Weights maintenance 23/10/09

An upper body strength maintenance work out .
Chest bench press 20 reps of 50kg warm up
10 reps 80kg
8 reps 90kg
6 reps 100kgs
Fly's 10 reps 30kg
8 reps 40kg
6 reps 50kg
Triceps 3 lots of 10 reps , increasing weight each time .
Biceps as above
Pull ups as above
Pull downs 2 lots of 10 reps 40kg then 50kg
Rows as above

Kickboxing 22/10/09

Found it hard to motivate myself this week for some reason (I think work issues playing on my mind),but,finally dragged myself down the dojo and did an hour of pad work/sparing.

I may look for a fell race this weekend or I may not .

Ceiriog canter fell race 17/10/09

The first ever run of this race . A bit of confusion with one of the marsalls and some of the runners . The marshal was in the wrong place so the run was extended by about 1 mile . Then some of the runners missed a right turn to the summit and saved themselves some time. The rest of us had to clamber though some sharp gorse cutting our legs to shreds . At the end of the race it was obvious who the "cheats" were as they didn't have the cuts all up their legs .

Fighting through the gorse

Photo courtesy of Alistair

kickboxing 15/10/09

Another session with the young pretenders . Warm up , followed with a load of sparing .

Thinking of doing a fell race on Saturday . See what happens at the pub on Friday ?

13/10/09 Kickboxing

Warm up followed by lots of sparing .
We have two up and coming fighters at the gym and their training up for tittle bouts soon .
As someone with a bit of experience I often get put against these "up and comers" to give them a chance to unload on someone without inflicting too much damage in training . The trouble for me is that they are training for fights and are really "up" for it . They are getting fitter , faster and are starting to punch really hard . I haven't fought competitively for several years and it takes all my experience not to get a good beating and not to damage them before their fights , but at the same time , push them hard and give them a challenging workout . Not easy anyway but after the weekend of running I've just had ......
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Birmingham half marathon 11/10/09

After the Langdale horse shoe the day before I didn't think I would be doing a half marathon in any fantastic time but was pleased to complete the corse in 1hour 47mins .

I did the race last year with Mrs Lightning and wasn't really interested in road running but thought I would do it just to see what time I could do it in . Then the Langdale fell race came up but I'd already paid for the half marathon . A stupid idea started to form that I could do both on consecutive days . Maybe not my best idea but I think it was worth a go .

More Langdale

Most of the route

The first climb
The first tarn

View from top

Langdale horse shoe fell race 10/10/09

The start

Someone running with a gold fish ? One of the front runners aswell . No body knows why .
Me struggling to get up another hill .

Great but hard race . 14 miles and 4000 ft of assent . The longest one I've done to date . My training partner had to drop out due to a mentle battle with his legs , which he lost . Halfway round the route the cloud came down to shroud the mountain tops with mist which made navigating very difficult . You couldn't see more than 20yards . I was lucky that I managed to tag along to a very experience lady called Mandy that had previously done the race 16 times and seemed to have a built in GPS which guided us through the murk . Thanks Mandy .
It took me 4hours and 7mins to get round .

8/10/09 kickboxing

The usual . 45 mins Sparring . Last training session before the big weekend .

7/10/09 running

Wrekin , up over and back again .

6/10/09 kickboxing

The usual warm up , pad session finished with some sparing .

Arenig Fawr 4/10/09

Nice fell race today . About 7 miles and 1900ft of asent . I completed the corse in 1:28 . I would have liked to have done it faster but I have a bit of a cold and I chose the wrong footwear which slowed me down on the down hill .


45 mins at the dojo .
Warm up , good pad work session and finished with a few rounds of sparing .


A run up the Wrekin , over the top , down the other side and back again .
About 1600 ft of climb and approx 6 miles .