Weights maintenance 23/10/09

An upper body strength maintenance work out .
Chest bench press 20 reps of 50kg warm up
10 reps 80kg
8 reps 90kg
6 reps 100kgs
Fly's 10 reps 30kg
8 reps 40kg
6 reps 50kg
Triceps 3 lots of 10 reps , increasing weight each time .
Biceps as above
Pull ups as above
Pull downs 2 lots of 10 reps 40kg then 50kg
Rows as above


  1. Nice. Still got the 100kg action going on.

  2. M Not done any weights since a couple of weeks before Langdale . I'm pleased that I've still got it . On my machine the chest press is accurate as far as the weight is concerned but because of the complicated pully system it's difficult to judge whether the fly's,tryceps,pulldowns ect are representative of true weight.I'm sure I used to "pull down" 80-100kg when frequenting the iron works.You should come and do a BBS session on it.see what you think.