Ceiriog canter fell race 17/10/09

The first ever run of this race . A bit of confusion with one of the marsalls and some of the runners . The marshal was in the wrong place so the run was extended by about 1 mile . Then some of the runners missed a right turn to the summit and saved themselves some time. The rest of us had to clamber though some sharp gorse cutting our legs to shreds . At the end of the race it was obvious who the "cheats" were as they didn't have the cuts all up their legs .

Fighting through the gorse

Photo courtesy of Alistair http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/


  1. Images aren't coming up for some reason dude.

    I was concerned that you weren't planning your customary post-race blow out last night so in sympathy I did one on your behalf when out for dinner with friends. A red-wine-fuelled cheese and potato-fest spiralled into cheesecake, followed by an orgy of biscuit boost, chunky kit-kat and coffee with brandy. Before you ask, no, there was no banoffe pie, as the slightly confused garage attendant did not sell it.

  2. M , I don't know what happened to the other photos so I've edited it again and taken out what I think were the troublesome ones .

    Nice to know you were so concerned about my lack of post race "nutrition" . There really was no need for you to "sympathy eat" though ;-)