13/10/09 Kickboxing

Warm up followed by lots of sparing .
We have two up and coming fighters at the gym and their training up for tittle bouts soon .
As someone with a bit of experience I often get put against these "up and comers" to give them a chance to unload on someone without inflicting too much damage in training . The trouble for me is that they are training for fights and are really "up" for it . They are getting fitter , faster and are starting to punch really hard . I haven't fought competitively for several years and it takes all my experience not to get a good beating and not to damage them before their fights , but at the same time , push them hard and give them a challenging workout . Not easy anyway but after the weekend of running I've just had ......
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  1. What? A couple of small races like that? I think the problem is that you didn't enough Banoffee pies on Sunday night ;-)

  2. Methuselah . You are ,of corse , right . Mrs L did buy the usual packet of pielets but I only got round to eating 3 of them . Not the 9 that a friend of mine once had .

  3. Wow - 9. That's impressive. He must have performed well in the days that followed (unless of course he also drank copious quantities of wine which of course would diminish the benefits...)