Arenig Fawr Fell Race 3/10/10

AM 6.7 1900 race website

This is my second run of this race. It was touch and go whether I was going to make it. My back was still (and is still) hurting and I was at a friends gig the night before. But, I dragged myself out of bed and got there just in time to register.
It's organised by the legend that is Yiannis Tridimas and it has the finest array of soup and cakes I have ever seen at any race. That alone should be enough of a reason to attend.
photo from Alastair's site
It is also a really good race route in an under used part of the world. It had rained heavily in the days leading up to the race so was very boggy and slippery in places. Even with the new xtalon 190's I still ended up knees and elbows deep in the bog on a couple of occasions.
In the end I came in a whole two seconds faster than last year so I must be getting better ;-)
Really glad I attended the race again and have already put it in the calender for next year.


  1. Hey - well done John, you did better than me at getting out of bed! The Arenig will have to stay on my "to-do" list for another year. I had to paint the kitchen... If you're still struggling with the back then improving last year's time's pretty good going! See you next week for the Breiddens?

  2. Yiannis; One of the few fellrunners with his own Wikipedia entry. Sounds a great race, well done on the time.

  3. It looks a cracker. Well done with your personal best.

  4. Jim, up in the lakes on Saturday for the Langdale Horeshoe so probably won't make Breidden.

    Simon and Steve, thanks for the comments.

  5. I hope you took it easy on those cakes in anticipation of Saturday. And that the back is okay. I am expecting you to chip a little more than 2 seconds off the Langdale! See you at 6.45am.

  6. Methuselah, I doubled up on the cakes this year. Good they were too.
    Back not too bad thanks.
    I expect you to do a bit better at Langdale this year too ;-)