Hinstock 5k Race (road)

After some light jogging up and around the Wrekin on Thursday night, 90 minutes, I knew my back still wasn't able to cope with too much abuse.

So I had my excuses ready when the Panther and I hobbled down to the village hall to register. It was there I saw a Chris, fellow villager, in a Newport Running Club vest. I had no idea he was a runner (well road runner if that counts). And, a road runner of some note. Bugger ! first local was now even more unlikely. Oh well.....
90 runners gathered outside the Falcon Inn for the organiser to warn us about some slippy parts of the course (maybe the road runner will take a fall)? and inform us the course is actually "a bit" further than 5k. Then Lord Morris counts us down and blows the horn that starts the race. I start off tentatively to see what the back feels like. I still hurts, even after taking MattR's advice of brufen brufen brufen, but it's only for 20 minutes or so, so, I plod on. Ahead I can see the lead pack pulling away. And, with it, villager Chris. After them were a second group which I try to keep up with. I pass the supportive marshals and some relatives that popped over to see us. Now in about 25th position I seem to be getting used to the back pain so decide to pick up the pace and try and reel in some runners. It takes some time but slowly I bring them in. Still a good way behind the lead pack and no chance of catching them I somehow manage to start pulling away from the rest of the runners behind with only the occasional challenge from another local (young lad). With about a mile to go I reach the "slippy bit" and there is no sign of any fallen local runners. With no chance of local winner there is now only pride to fight for. With 800 meters left I look round to see a group of five club runners bearing down on me. YOU WILL NOT PASS I think to myself and put on a bit more speed. Last 100 meters and there's now only one challenger on my shoulder. We both put on a sprint finish as we round the corner towards the village hall car park and the finish line. I hold him off.
In the end I came in 12th overall and second local. I'm pleased with 12th out of 90. Much better than I usually do at fell races. Maybe I should start doing more road runs ?.........Naa
The good news is, I found out talking to him afterwards, Chris is moving out of the village in a few weeks. He will be sorely missed. But not by me next year ;-) I just have to make sure I can stay ahead of young lad. Unless something were to happen to him leading up to next years race ?
Wohahahaha ! Wohahahahah ! Wohahahahahahahah


  1. Great result! Here's to Chris' new home somewhere else and your monopolising of the local scene in 2011!!

  2. Watch that ibuprofen, dude. Serrapeptase is just as effective and won't f@ck with your insides. Well done, by the way!

  3. Hey John, just catching up after losing your blog's link. Congrats for this, and that wasn't being 100%!