Peris Horseshoe 11/9/10

AL 17.5 miles 8500 feet. A race of epic proportions.
The longest race I have done to date and a truly inspired route. Starting in Llamberis with a steep climb through the slate quarry and beyond up to Elidir Fawr check point 1. Scramble over a load of slippy rocks "find" then follow a trail around to Y Garn (2). Down then UP Glyder Fawr (3)then try and find a good route down to Pen-Y-pass (4) the half way point and end of the line for the "halfers". 9 miles 4500 feet. Avoid the temptation to get on the bus back to Llamberis, cross the road and start up the miners track before cutting off left and climbing up to Lliwedd (5). Then there's the down and up to Snowdon (6)before going down the Snowdon rangers path to the foot of the last climb, Moel Cynghorion (7). A quad busting descent down to the last check point (8) then if there's any energy left a run through the woods towards the Vic and the finish.
After 8300 feet of climbing I have to stop for a rest
This is one of the hardest races in the calender and in my opinion, with only 60ish runners entering, vastly under attended.
Last year Methuselah and I did the half Peris. A race comparable with Ben Nevis in terms of distance and climb and no easy race in it self. At the end of that race, as the half Perisers, we weren't deemed to have worked hard enough, to be awarded a slate coaster. The full Perisers were. So it was then that I decided I would do the full Peris route this year and get my hands on a coaster. Thankfully Methuselah agreed to come along for the ride.
Photo from Fellrunning Pictures check point 8
To ensure we made the cut off time, at the halfway point, we decided to take the early start option. This meant starting with the halfers 30 minutes before the serious full Perisers were released. Even before check point (2) the two leaders had past us. Incredible. It turned out we didn't need the early start as we would have got there before the cut off anyway, but, we seriously slowed on the second half so I'm glad we went early as not to have the marshals waiting around in crappy weather for us to turn up. Worse still, all the jelly babies they were giving out may have gone by the time we got there.
Well earned Peris mugs (not coasters this year)
8 people didn't make the cut off and 3 people did not finish. In the end we came in a little under 6 hours. We weren't last but weren't far off. I'll put this down to the seriousness of the competitors that take part in a race like this. Definitely not for the faint hearted. As one of the halfers said to me on the way round. He ran the full a couple of years earlier and collapsed on the second half. He got carried off the mountain.
A race of epic proportions.
Incidentally. Had we have done the half this year, with my time at Pen-Y-pass, I would have finished in the top half ;-)


  1. I can confirm that all the jelly babies were gone by the time you'd have arrived. Who knows what a difference that might have made!

  2. Indeed Steve.
    Sorry I should have left you some ;-) Or you should have started with us therefor beating me to the jellies.

  3. Nice one John! Nearly twice the climbing I did in the Skyline on Sunday (blog post to follow soon). I too did an early start and had the experience of Steve Cale catching me just after Ragleth Hill! Well done, that's one seriously big day. Fancy doing the 1000m peaks next year?

  4. Jim
    I saw the photos and wondered how you got ahead of Steve ;-)
    1000m's yep, maybe.

  5. Nice write up. Made me chuckle. Gutted about the coaster. I'd be up for the 1000s. Sounds epic.

  6. Well done John, thats a big day out.

  7. Well done - reckon that's got to be one of the toughest races going. Like you say, an epic.

    You're certainly getting in a lot of good races this year - not jealous ;)