Catch up

Kickboxing 13/9/10
75 minutes sparing and circuit training. Very difficult after running the Peris two days earlier.

Wrekin training run 15/9/10
Quick blast up. Started slowly and reluctantly but felt strong on the second half of the climb. Jogged down then around the other side. About 1 hour all together.

Road run 16/9/10
With the Panther to help prepare her for the Birmingham half marathon in 5 weeks. It was only supposed to be a shortish one as there wasn't much day light left. In the end though, after several wrong turns, we ended up doing 9 miles. Doh ! It was well and truly night by the time we got back. On the plus side though it looks like she maybe on target to break 2 hours in five weeks.

Trail run with some sprints thrown in 18/9/10
Away for the weekend but managed to squeeze in a 60 minute trail run with the Panther. Nice and light for the trail run but finished off with some hill sprints.


  1. How are the legs - recovered? My feet are still struggling!

  2. Legs are fine. Some how done my back in again though. Seems to be becoming a recurrent problem.