Wrekin Wrecker Fell Race 21/11/10

AM 2400 feet 8.1 miles.
Due to some back problems and a holiday I haven't done much in the way of exercise for a few weeks. But, despite a hangover, I was determined to to get this one in as it's my local hill and organised by the very generous Newport Running Club . Everyone gets a prize regardless of position or time. This year I was handed a Wrekin Wrecker Buff as I crossed the finish line. Excellent!
I started ok but as I made my way up the first climb I knew it was going to be a struggle. My only saving grace was I still had some speed going down hill. So, as usual I got over taken lots going up and over took lots going down and almost held onto my position on the flat.
Alastair's Fell Running Pictures
It was hard going and I was slower than last year, but, I'm glad I did it and hope it kicks me into action again, before, the start of my annual Christmas binge.


  1. i want a Wrekin Wrecker Buff! can you get them on E Bay! LOL, what a great idea for a post race gifty!

  2. Hey Lightning... I think I should've done it last year. I'd rather a beer than a buff! I hope your back's ok now - Cracker coming up in ten days. See you there? PS: doing the time trial on Sunday - part fell part road - have you done that one.

  3. What about a new Buff and a beer? I'd run a ling way for that!

  4. more Buff envy from me.

    Hope your back is on the mend.