Not been up to much

After a year of lots of racing and training, I, have finished it with doing not a lot. In the last few weeks all I have managed to do is a couple of kickboxing sessions, a couple of weight sessions and a couple of short runs up the Wrekin.
I'm hoping to plod up Stipperstones on Boxing day for the Devils Chair Dash Race and do the Morning after race on new years day in Church Stretton. I'm heavier than I've been for a while and I'll probably have hang overs for both races. So, my times will be even slower than usual. In the new year I will set myself some targets.

Peace to all Men


  1. Targets are definitely needed in the new year. I feel like I am with child.

    Peace to the women too.

  2. Easing off a bit is a good thing, although I feel fat and slow when I do. We're still fitter than most, I reckon.

    Hi Methuselah! Best wishes, lads.


  3. Seasons greetings!

    The extra weight should make you faster downhill =)

    I look forward to your next write up.

  4. Happy xmas and all the best for the new year. Make this year's Morning After a hangover-clearer to remember