Ponderosa Fell Race 11/8/10

BS 4 miles 951 feet.

My second run of this race. It's slightly unusual in that it starts at the top of a valley (near the Ponderosa cafe, Horseshoe pass Llangollen). Winds up a path to the top of a nearby hill then starts flowing it's way, speedily, down to the bottom of the valley. After that there's a slog back up the valley to the finish. I think it's the only race I've done that finishes with an up hill.

I started right at the back. I mean last. I don't know why. Maybe I was worried about my legs after Borrowdale and kickboxing in the previous few days and I didn't want to get in any ones way. Maybe a bit of a daft decision as I spent the whole race trying to get past people. Never mind, I was pleased with the result. I started last out of 118 runners and finished 72nd. I also knocked 2 minutes of last years time ! Woohoo. Great race and I really enjoy the fast descents.


  1. I imagine you made a few places up on the early downhill, given your downhill pace. Nice long easy one for me at the weekend.

  2. By gum - you're doing a lot of races these days. It's good to spend a race overtaking people instead of the other way around, good effort.

  3. I think I may employ the start at the back method again. It probably doesn't make much difference to my time. I may loose out on a few places but I'm never going to win anything anyway and it does feel good to go past people for a change.