Ragleth Inn Fell Race 25/8/10

AS 4 miles 1600 feet.
Wet, windy and a little bit slippy.
Callow hill viewed on a much nicer day
Great race and really pleased I managed to make it on time coming back from my Peris recce in Wales. This was the last in the series and I had done all the others. It was also the last race at all in Shropshire for quite some time. Good to catch up with the usual crowd before and after the race as well.
Photo from a rather wet Alastair
Starts by crossing a ford followed by a gradual climb up a track. Then leaving the track and going straight up Callow hill. Over the other side and back onto the track for another gradual climb. Next is a left turn and a very steep descent into Callow hollow, a good portion of which I spent sliding down on my backside(unintentionally), and follow the stream down the valley back to the base of Callow on the opposite side to where we started. All the way up the steep relentless climb back to the top. Retrace our earlier steps back to the finish.
Looks like I was a bit slower than last year but I'll put that down to heavy legs and the terrible weather conditions ;-)


  1. Sliding on your bum saves wearing your inov8 sticky rubber studs down.

  2. Yeah, wears your a*** down instead. What I don't get is how there are so many more scratches on my backside than cuts on my shorts. Should have taken note about the conditions and worn the MudClaws instead of Trail shoes, but TBH it wouldn't have made much difference! Nice to see y'all last Wednesday - anyone doing the Skyline on the 12th?

  3. Hi Jim
    I'm doing the Peris Horseshoe on the 11th so don't think I'll be running Skyline. Shame, it looks like another great local race. Wrekin Wrecker 21/11/10 probably the next Shrophire race for me. Seems ages away.

  4. Wow! Nevis one weekend and Peris the next. You're a proper hard nut. I'm not even convinced of the wisdom of trying the Skyline...