Stiperstones Fell Race 14/7/10

AS 3.2 miles 800ft (I think it's a bit more than 800ft).
5th race in the Shropshire summer series.

My third run of this race, but, this year it was run in the opposite direction to the last two years. I think maybe because some new steps had been put in where we usually run down. I guess it could have been dangerous legging it down those.
I started Ok but as usual I lost a few places going up the hills. And, as usual I went past a few people on the way down with an added bonus of some people going the wrong way on the last descent. They followed the path instead of cutting across though the bracken. I couldn't however keep up with RichardP. Again he seemed to be storming up the hills disappearing into the distance. He's having a fantastic year.
Photo from Alistairs Fell Running Pictures just before the cheeky short cut. It actually looks as if I'm going quite fast on this one.
I enjoyed the race. Even the torrential rain on the way round and at the end was nice.


  1. Like your rainy screensaver - thanks for the compliment,sure the wheels will fall off soon though - well done on your PB! Richard

  2. PB's all round. I'm sure you'll keep storming round Richard. It's up to me to try and keep up.

  3. I kid you not Lightning... i went the wrong way ! I know it's hard to believe. Ha. Should have gone right by Alistair and trusted the slightly longer route that i know(the climb for Devils chair race). Instead tried the short cut and got lost in 7 ft high ferns. Lost about a minute,just about got out the jungle to not lose any places.
    Sorry i didn't stop to chat pre race,i arrived pretty late and needed a warm up. Catch up at the Siabod if you're there. I've reccied this one ;-)

  4. Your packing some races in this year

  5. Jon, you seem to be making a habbit of going the scenic route at the moment.

    sbrt, I am trying to get as many in as I can while I can. Snowdon next week I hope.