Getting fatter and slower

I've been a bit quiet since my last post.
We'd been busy working towards the adoption and looking after the pigs as well as the normal 9 to 5s. This didn't leave much time for training and racing. On top of that, we'd been making the most of any spare time having meals out and generally living an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, as the tittle suggests, I have put on a fair bit of weight.
Oh well, I did at least get out and do some races. Although, in my current state they became more like training runs:
Llantysillio Mountain Race 9/4/11, AM 6.2 miles 2100 feet. A shock to the system.
Market Drayton 10k road race. Local race with Mrs and neighbour. Note to self: I hate road running.
Cader Idris 28/5/11 AM 10.5 miles 3000 feet. By now definitely too fat to run up mountains. As well as seeing the usual Shropshire and Welsh runners, Steve (sbrt) and fellow blogger run forest run came over and said hello. Nice to see him again. Mrs Lightning commented on how nice he was. I agree, nice chap ;-)
Shutlingsloe 30/5/11 AS 2 miles 900 feet. Friends round the night before and for some reason I didn't think drinking whisky until 2 am would have any effect on performance. I was wrong.
Batch Bash 1/6/11 AS 3 miles 1000 feet. Number 3 of the Shropshire summer series, but, the first one I've been able to attend. Absolutely terrible performance, but, good to get into the hills.

The pigs are very happy free ranging in the field digging huge holes everywhere and completely oblivious to what the future will bring for them. Their transport to the great sty in the sky is booked for 4 weeks time. That will be a hard day for us.
Hopefully see you in the hills soon.


  1. Come and do the Great Lakes Run with me on the 18th June :-)

  2. Yea right M. Do you think I could loose 2 stone in 2 weeks? There's your answer I think ;-)

  3. Its not fat, its a portable energy reserve.

    The Rab MM is in N wales this year. Perhaps you and Methuselah could dig out a compass and give it go.

    Keep us updated on the kids and pigs.

  4. sbrt, I like it. The only problem is I keep adding to the energy reserve. Perhaps I'm building up for an unsupported 1000 mile race.

    MM. I would like to have a go at some point. I'm not bad at navigating and I know the area resonably well.

    I'll keep you posted mate.

  5. Me too - an MM seems inevitable at some point. I'm doing Wasdale in July which is starting to get into that territory. Maybe next year.

  6. I know how you feel.

    At anytime I feel I should start some serious training, but then I go and spoil it all by my constant 'grazing' in the kitchen.

    And at least you made it to the Batch Bash, I just sat on my arse and ate !

  7. Sty in the sky - like it!

    Running performance should always take second place to intake of good foodstuffs - I think.