Ragleth Inn Race 22/8/12

AS. 460m 6.5km
  Last race in the Shropshire Summer Series. So, I made an effort to put in a good performance. I was working hard all round and didn't slack on any part of the route. I couldn't have gone any faster up hill but I didn't feel as fast going down hill. Still, in the end I came in six minutes faster than 2010 and four minutes faster than 2009. Very pleased with the result. I am putting the improvement down to the gradual weight loss. I am down to my target weight but now think I can loose some more without compromising upper body strength.
Picture from Al Tye's site Fellrunning Pictures.
The next race in my calender is Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon I don't tend to like road running but the scenery round the lake is very pleasant and I also want to get a good time so I can forget about road "halfs"

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