Long Mynd Valleys Weekend 4&5/2/12

Organised by local fell running club Mercia fell runners

Titterstone Clee Race. AS. Just about caught the foulest weather we've had all winter. Only time I've ever worn my water/wind proof on a race. Wore it to the start line and decided not to take it off. It was cold cold cold.
I really felt for the marshals and Alistair of : Fell running pictures (pictures)

Long Mynd Valleys Race next day. The worst of the weather had passed leaving a lovely day for running. Although, there were some interesting descents down the steeper parts of the course.

Not my fastest times but another really enjoyable couple of runs.


  1. The mugs make it all worthwhile.

    Thanks for the offer of a Peris recce. I am definitely up for that later this year.

  2. Oh I say, Sir !

    Very well done.

  3. It's bad news looking at this.....it'll remind us of what we're missing!!!! Damned injuries! I think Steve will be very tempted to start running again when he sees this........It looked like a good day out, well done! x x x x