Callow Fell Race 1/7/12

A lot of climbing/descending in a short amount of distance.
Never done this local race before. It clashes with the Skiddaw Fell Race, up in the lakes, which I usually run. My running buddy "M" went to the lakes and I stayed local. Glad I did too, Callow fell race is a fantastic route in the lovely Shropshire hills. It just seemed to be steep hill after steep hill. I can't even remember how many. I think four or five, none of them runable.
Alastair of FellRunningPictures managed to find three locations for the photos (he must of covered some distance him self).
Bridge shot taken towards the start of the race.
 About two thirds of the way through.

Coming over the finish line. Very demanding AS which I think I would like to do again next year.


  1. Well done John,

    One I'm hoping to try out next year, if I can kick this marathon addiction.

  2. Good to see you banging the races out.

    All the best for Borrodale.