Long Mynd Valleys weekend 9&10/2/13

Titterstone Clee AS
Short race of about 2.5 miles and some climbing.
Still injured and this was the first time out in 2 months, so, this was just a tester. Even so, I took a crap line up the hill and even worse coming down so an inevitable slow time was even slower than expected. Oh well, the back/leg didn't feel any worse for the outing so would consider doing the long race the following day.
Long Mynd Valleys AL
I didn't really expect to be able to complete the race but thought a good walk wouldn't do me any harm.
It was the flat section on top I thought I would struggle with but in the end managed to plod over, then thought, I may as well continue to the end. Time was the worst ever but I still managed to get my hand on one of the much coveted mugs for completing both races.
My injury was diagnosed as a trapped sciatic nerve in both my lower back and in my buttock(piriformis?) This resulted in excruciating shooting pain in back and leg which left me virtually debilitated for a couple of months. After several sessions of physio and months of stretching the pain has now gone but left me with a loss of sensation in my right foot and a reduction in strength of my calf, hamstring and quad. I may be able to get the strength back or I may have some permanent nerve damage. Who knows? I'll just have to continue with the stretches and hope for the best. I've bought myself an exercise bike in the hope that I can stay reasonably fit and not put on too much weight. 

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  1. Thanks Steve.
    Knowing I was going to be slow and may have had to hobble off the hill I went with sensible clothing.