Bradda Fell Race 16/6/13

AL 24km 1250m
We, as a family, went to the Isle of man for a few days break. So after a few days of eating and drinking too much, I thought I would enter a 15 mile fell race. When will I ever learn?
lovely route,
  • The race starts and finishes at Bradda Glen GR 193696.Unmanned Punch (1). is at Bradda Tower
  • Continue north on the Raad ny Foillan footpath towards Fleshwick. Descend to the Fleshwick valley (counter check 1) GR 201713.
  • Left towards shore and then climb on the Raad Ny Foillan before branching off to the right at the top of the wall to follow the Carnanes track towards the Sloc, (Counter Check 2) GR 217734.
  • Rejoin the Raad ny Foillan and ascend to the summit of Cronk ny Arrey Laa Unmanned Punch (2), GR 224746.
  • Descend on the easterly track, cross the Eary Cuslin fire track GR 233747 on to Cronk Fedjag and follow the path to the Round Table Cross Roads GR 248759.
  • Cross the Round Table Road and ascend to the summit of South Barrule GR 259759 Unmanned Punch (3).
  • The race retraces on the same route in reverse to unmanned checkpoint (4) on Cronk Ny Iree Laa and then the Sloc (Safety Check 3).
  • From the Sloc continue on the Raad ny Foillan ascending Lhiatee ny Beinee Unmanned Punch(5) GR 212728.
  • Continue on the track and descend back in to the Fleshwick Valley Safety Check (6) GR 201713,
  • Return back to Bradda Glen on the same route following the coastal footpath and via Bradda Tower Unmanned Punch (7). Finish back at Bradda Glen
Dispite rumors of two headed, and three legged, runners on the island, they were all a really friendly bunch, as fell runners usually are.

Does my bumbag look big in this?

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