Cardington Cracker fell race 6/12/09

9 miles 2600ft . My second run of this race . I didn't think I was going to be very fast as I still have a dodgy ankle . I wasn't fast but did manage to knock off 4 mins from last years time . I was slower going down hill again so I must be getting slightly faster going up hill .
Photo courtesy of Phil Johnson

and Alistair

A good description of the race from "Also Ran Runner"


  1. Sounds like fun and the weather looked good. What was your time?

  2. M , weather was good , but , windy on the tops .
    Time was 1:56:40 compared to 2:03:47 last year . Both times are crap but not bad for me . I had a good race in a race with a guy that ended up in a sprint finish for about the last 200m or so .