Devils chair dash 26/12/09

The long awaited introduction of the"Panther" to fell running .
The weather on the day was pretty cold and there was still sheet ice on the paths up to the top (as the results page says"
treacherous conditions") so , I was fully expecting the panther to find a warm spot in the pub and await my return . But , she decided to give it a go anyway ! I think she did really well to overcome the fear of steep slopes and icy conditions . She also managed to get it done within an hour to earn herself a finishers certificate . This was a particular surprise as I find out afterwards she stopped to drink a Large whisky she was offered on the top ! Incredible . I have warned her about excepting drinks from strange men in the mountains but she now thinks this is what happens at all fell races .
The start . The Panther can be seen loitering about halfway back on the right hand side of the photo . Ready to pounce .
The check point at the top with the devils chair in the background . This is where they were giving out whisky(I didn't realise this until afterwards,or,I might have taken a few minutes longer to finish myself)
Looking back from the check point before retracing my steps back to the start/finish line . Somewhere back there the panther is lurking .

Navigating the "treacherous conditions"

It sounds like I'm taking the mick a bit , which maybe I am , but the conditions were bad enough for one competitor to take a slip , tumble and break his arm in three places .

I will now be pushing the Panther to enter a few more races .


  1. Well done to the Panther - especially with a wee dram inside!

  2. Thanks MattR , I've passed that on . The Panther may even post her self .