Tread Mill and Weights Machines

Last week on holiday I managed a couple of sessions in the hotel gym. 1 hour slow running on the tread mill and some reps on chest press and lat pull down machines. Another day, 30mins on the tread mill and some reps on leg extension machine. Didn't do much to compensate for all the beer and food I had over the week. I need to do some long runs.


  1. Are you willing to share with us the weight differential, or is that too personal a question ;-)

  2. Fancy this?

    Closest thing we've got to a fell race in my neck of the woods...

  3. Cleevwold. Tempting, but, I've got the Wrekin fell race. Wrekin is my nearest and dearest hill and I've never done this race so I think thats where I'll be. Tempt you up here ?