Wrekin training run 17/3/10 and mysterious wood disappearance

A blast up the east side. 17:22 to the top. Best time for a while that.

Then down the other side and slow jog round the south side back to the car 55:00 in all. Don't know why the GPS decided to stop working on the way back ?
More disturbing though........I think some one has tipped the foresters off to my wood pilfering. They seem to have cleared most of the logs away. Who could have tipped them off I wonder ? Fellow Forester MattR maybe ?


  1. I think there must have been an outbreak of log rustling and log-carrying workouts in the wake of our blogging about it, leading to the wood being distributed around the forest and/or around the woodburners of local runners... ;-)

  2. Can't move for firewood now - it took me ages to shift it all!