Wrekin training run 10/3/10

Been busy flying but squeezed in a short Wrekin run. Up the east side and back. Just going dark as I went up. 17:56 to top.

Last year when I was regularly doing night runs around the Wrekin I got used to running with out a torch. When going up I was never too quick and by the time I had got to the top my night vision had come into play so was able to run slowly and carefully back down again just using the ambient light. This works fine until you encounter some one coming up with a billion watt head torch. Because you're not wearing a torch they don't see you, they hear you last second, look up blinding you and buggering up your night vision. This happened several times on Wednesday.
Glad I managed to do a night run at last this year. I'll try and do some more.

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