Corndon 3 peaks classic 5/4/10

AM 7 miles 1850 ft . 1:07ish to be confirmed
A nice race that starts with a relentless climb (that seems to go on forever). Followed by a gradual decline where you can get up some good speed and still stay in control. Then a short road section that takes you round to the next peak. this ones not too high but quite steep. Other side of that peak is pretty steep also so difficult to let the brakes go without taking a tumble. A nice little trail run through a small wood leads to another short road/track section before the third peak which isn't too high or steep, but, by then the legs are feeling a bit tired. Once over the final peak it's all down hill, a nice long section where you can again get up some good speed all the way down to the finish.
Photo courtesy of Alistair
After a weekend of beer drinking down the local beer festival I wasn't expecting too much in the way of a good time. In the end I was about 1 and a half minutes slower that last time. After the race I decide to carry on the drinking theme and tucked into a couple of pints of "cloud nine"
enjoying the cloud nine and prize giving after the race at the miners arms priest weston (nice pub)
closest I'll ever get to a prize ;-)


  1. Great post John! A good run followed by a few beers in the company of friends - now that's how to enjoy your running...

  2. Thanks Matt, amazing how many super fit runners like a beer.

  3. Looks like a smashing day out, in a lovely area. Well done!