Llantysilio Mountain Race 24/4/10

My first run of this race. AM 6.2 miles/2100 ft
A cracking day for it. The sun was out and there was a good turn out for this race.
The route
Surprise surprise, I had had a few beers the night before so wasn't feeling really up for it when Methuselah and I turned up for this one. It started easy enough with just a steady climb to get the legs warmed up. Then though the hills started coming and, it seemed to me a least, they kept on coming. Once at the top of one hill you could see the next one, but, when you got to the foot of that one you couldn't see the top and you kept on thinking you were nearly there only to have your hopes dashed as the climb continued.
photo from Alistair http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/
The lovely day was taking its tole on me as well. I felt as if I were over heating and when the breeze came it was most satisfying. Just before the last climb I could see runners running down the hill to the side and because I don't run with my glasses (either that or wish full thinking) I thought that was that was the route. I was crushed when I saw I had to run up the hill and back before I could take that turn and cruise down to the finish.
re hydrating in the Sun Inn. Great pub
When we were there Methuselah bumped into a fellow "Vibram Five Finger" wearer. It was interesting to see them interact. Almost like rare zoo animals that had been separated from their own kind all their lives. There was great excitement in the air. Anything could have happened ;-) Thank god it didn't.
Rare breeds, seldom seen together
A tough race for me, but I'll put it in my calender for next year. I need to get into longer runs, lay off the beer and loose some weight if I'm going to have any chance of doing the longer runs later in the year.


  1. It was a relief to come in ahead of you this time, after being so roundly defeated on the Wrekin a few days earlier (not that I mentioned that in my own blog post!)The fact that you had a hangover takes away some of that glory, but not all ;-)

    I think I was spurred on today by the knowledge that one of my own 'species' was up ahead, imagining the possibility that some kind of weird, non-sexual FiveFinger breeding alchemy could produce additional pairs from nowhere so that I don't have to pay £150 to get them shipped over via ebay and UPS...

  2. Very good dude. I should now edit the post and put in the photo of you looking like you're trying to breed with your self. Now that would save some you money. Might even make you a few quid. That would make up for the nuggets you dropped today.

  3. That looks like a good run with lots of upping and downing - and a fine pint after. False summits: don't you just love 'em? Remember - before you cut it out - that beer is good and essential for carboloading...

  4. Beer is essential to a good training schedule. The post-run pint (or several) is one of the finer things in life. Inside every VFF-wearer there's a barefoot runner trying to get out!
    Methuselah - try Gul aquashoes (£6 a pair):-)

  5. I must have missed you.I biked over to watch a mate of mine and enjoyed the delights of the pub afterwards.I managed to make Alistairs prize giving pictures too,helmet an all !!

  6. Jon,
    I thought I saw you there. I should have said hello.