Wrekin Streak Fell Race 21/4/10

My third run of this race. As this is now my local hill I was hoping this year to produce a good time.
Photo as usual from the Fell running photographer Alistair http://www.fellrunningpictures.co.uk/

For some reason though, it crept up on me so I didn't prepare for it in the manner I had hoped I would. Oh well, I was slightly faster this year, but, only by about 15 seconds. Must try harder next year.

I planted a mini, digi cami thingy on the side of a tree by the start finish line and bellow are some very short extracts from the 30 odd minutes of film. So mini is it that no body spotted it strapped to the tree, inch's from them.
The start. One competitor starts late. She did well, I remember her going past me about a third of the way up.

A short while later, the winner

A while after that, Me and M (behind the head)


  1. Dude, the first video is still set as private. The videos came out really well! I will update my post to link to them...

  2. And you got the date wrong in the video intro ;-) It should sday 21/04!

  3. Yea, i know about the date but was in too much of a rush to change it (had to go to work).

  4. Ingenious undercover filming John. 15 secs up on last year can't be all that bad!