Carding Mill Canter Fell Race

AS 5 miles 2000ft.
Methuselah came to mine and we popped over to Church Stretton for this enjoyable tough little race. It has a good mix of terrain and gradient to suit all runners.
The first race of the year, and having not made much of an effort to shed the Christmas pounds, I wasn't expecting a great performance. So, I decided just to plod round and make sure I enjoyed the race. Which I did.
Courtesy of Al Tye Fell Running Pictures
I came in just over 5 minutes slower than two years ago, which was the last time I did this race.
Next race next weekend. Hell Runner.


  1. Nice one Lightning - good to see you back. 61:22 for me but I was absolutely drained after... Good luck with the Hellrunner - I'm on a weekend off next week.

  2. Plodding and enjoying - there's alot to be said for it. Al got a good pic of you there

  3. Cheers Jim.

    Matt, he usually does ;-)

    See you both at the Valleys