Long Mynd Valleys Recce 9/2/11

Not 100% sure I will have an entry for this race as, being a championship race that sold out very quickly, I didn't get onto the start list. But, I'm on a reserves list and I've agreed to turn up on the day. If there's a place I will run. If not, I will offer to help out.
So, just in case I get in, I thought it may be a good idea to remind my body how much climbing will be required of it in a few weeks.
I was out for four hours in the end. Some jogging, some walking and a couple of water stops. It was hard going but an enjoyable few hours in the hills.


  1. Hope you get a place in the end. We're travelling up for a practice on 20th for a practice. Do you know if there's a direct line off Yearlet instead of going via Ashlet and down the footpath?

  2. Last year a few of us took a bearing of about 080 off yearlet and down into townbrook valley and picked that path up round the corner to cardingmill valley and the finish. Slightly more direct route but not much in it. You guys doing Titterstone on the Saturday as well?

  3. Cheers John we'll have a look. I'll prob just end up taking the route that's easiest on the legs by that stage ofthe course!.
    No we're not coming up for the Titterstone Clee race as well this year - apparently you get a t shirt if you do them both though.