Anniversary Waltz Fell Race 20/4/13

AM 11.5miles 3600ft 2h57min
The 17th run of this modern Lakeland classic. 
An absolutely perfect day for running. Hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun was out but with a nice cooling breeze. I'm still slowly coming back from my injury of late last year so I was just along for a nice jog to stretch my legs. I had a lovely amble round with some nice chats with fellow runners.
At the end I took advantage of the free beer on offer while I waited for my running buddy to return from his longer race, Teenager with Altitude, which had started off an hour and half before mine.
My leg and back felt a lot better than they have done. Only slight niggle, I think due to a weakness in some of my leg muscles, is my knee seemed to have taken more impact than it used to and it was pretty sore afterwards.
In general though, A fine day out in the hills.


  1. Hey up John! Hopefully see you at Cader Idris.

    1. Hello Steve
      Hopefully see you there, if my knee is up for that road bit.
      I'll bring you a bottle of home brew.