Caradoc Classic 12/5/10

AS 3.5 miles 880 feet. The second race ,of six, in the Shropshire Hills Summer Series.
Thanks to Alistair for this photo
I've not done this race before and was glad to be able to give it a go this year. Starts with a short run to the south side of Caradoc, then, straight up to the top. As usual I lost a few places on the way up, but, because of a different route on the way down, with a slightly longer run from the base back to the finish line, I was able to pick off a couple of people on the run in. For me the weather conditions were perfect. No rain, no wind but quite cold. Great to see all the usual faces and catch up with people before and after the race (hi Jim). I'm really looking forward to the next race in the series. In the meanwhile though, I'm hoping to do Moel Eilio at the weekend.


  1. Nothing like a bit of modesty mate. You didn't pick me off so much as burn past! I just checked the results and you took about a minute and a half less than me from the top to the finish and ended up 11 places ahead of me - I thought I was better going down than up... I better get out an practise some steep descents. I'#ll take heart from having beaten you to the top though. Good to get out and see everyone. Good luck at Moel Eilio!

  2. Good going John - it would be great to be able to get up to Shrops more often and do a few of those shorter races. You doing the Stretton Skyline?
    Enjoy Moel Eilio!

  3. Thanks Jim. I'll work on my up hill if you work on your down hill.

    Matt, I'm doimng the Peris on the 11 Sept so I don't think I'll be able to walk the next day never mind doing the Skyline.

  4. Hey, it's a deal John. But I need to work at my uphills too. And the flat bits...