Moel Eilio Fell Race 15/5/10

AM, 8 miles, 3000ft.
Knowing what the weather can be like in Snowdon I spent the evening before studying the map and writing compass bearings on a photo copy. I didn't expect the race to be well attended with other races on in Wales and if the cloud were to come down it would be difficult just to follow the person ahead.
As it turned out the weather was absolutely gorgeous. One of those few days in Snowdon when you can see everything for miles around.
the route
The race started in a random sort of a place, at the end of a lane, just up from the Llanberis youth hostel.
It started with a few words from an organiser and a blast from a fog horn. A steady climb up a track for about a quarter of a mile then off road up to the summit of Meol Eilio. It was a pretty relentless undulating climb of about 1600ft. The views on the way up were breath taking. I'd been spending all my time looking to the left towards Llanberis pass and it was only when some body told me to have a look to the right I realised you could see across to Anglsea and out over the Irish sea.
Anglsea and Irish sea
Next was a 300ft drop then climb up to an unnamed peak then on to Foel Gron and continued along the ridge to Foel Goch. A steep 425ft descent down to Bwlch Maesgwm before the final ascent of about 700ft up Moel Cynghorion.
Top of Moel Eilio with Foel Gron, Foel Goch, Moel Cynghorion and Snowdon streaching out into the distance.
Then a Quad busting descent down the north west side of Moel Cynghorion towards the last check point on a path. There wasn't much left in the legs then but I was able to pass a few people on the shallow descent down the path towards the finish.
A great race in a great part of the world.
We hardly saw any people on route. Llanberis was packed with tourists who must have been trudging up Snowdon in their droves. Seems daft that every one aims for Snowdon when there are so many quieter just a scenic places within a few miles.

Looking forward to going back in September to have a go at the Peris Horse Shoe.


  1. Sounds good. Would like to have been there, but on balance I needed the rest. Feet are back to normal now and will be ready for action next weekend...

  2. Sounds like a quality race with quite a climb to start off! Great race account. Take your point about Snowdon... You doing the Snowdon Race?

  3. Methuselah, ready for action next weekend ? Wedding ? Dancefloor ? surely not.

    Matt, thanks and yes I'm doing the Snowdon race this year. To get the tshirt mainly.

  4. Hi
    some pictures for you


  5. Thanks Gwynfor, Alistair had sent me the link but I hadn't had time to email you and ask your permission. Cheers

  6. Best not tell anyone

    "seems daft that everyone aims for Snowden etc".

    It could get busy;)