Cader Idris Race 29/5/10

AM 10.5 miles 2927 ft.
Started from Dolgellau town centre with a very professional start line looking more like the start of a big city road race than the usual random start of the typical fell race. And that's how it continued for the first 2.5km, running out of the town on the road cheered on by local supporters and some bemused tourists. We then get off road onto a flat track leading to a small boggy forest that we had to run through and around the lake. A couple of fields later and we were finally at the foot of Cader Idris. From here we followed the Pony Path up to the summit. Up until the Pony Path I'd been too hot in vest and shorts but as we started the relentless climb to the top the weather started to close in and began to rain. Although a bit chilly on top it was a relief not to be running in the heat(even if it did spoil our view).
The route down was the same as the route up in reverse. As usual I managed to over take a few people on the way down and was feeling pretty good by the time I got back to the start of the Pony Path. Then though, was the flat run back through the fields and boggy forest. My legs were shot. I lost a couple of places through the woods and a couple more on the final road section through the town. I let one place go to a local hero that was chasing me down to the finish line. I reckon I could have held him off but with all the locals cheering him on I thought it would be right to let him past.
Thanks to Alistair Fell Running Pictures
Good race and I think I'll put it in the calender for next year. I like the way it starts in the town centre as it's "their" race but can't help think it would be better starting beginning of the Pony Path. The slog back to the town is a killer. I guess that's what makes it stand out as a race.
It was nice to meet up with all the usual Shropshire and Welsh faces. Also good to meet up with fellow blogger Steve from Run Forest Run and his mate Ray. Yes Steve it's a shame we were both driving, a few beers would have been nice. Might have helped numb the pain of Rays war wounds too. You will have to let me know if he does ever wright the book "comparing the abrasive nature of rocks around the country", especially if it has photos of all his research ;-)


  1. That sums it up well.
    I agree the pony path is definitely the best bit but the town centre added to the atmosphere


  2. Agreed. At least next year I'll know what to expect.

  3. Shot legs doesn't sound good for Monday's Shuttlers outing. It's only a squeaker, but it's steep.

  4. Then again, after a several-hour bike ride today, mine will hardly be in top shape...