Shuttlingsloe Fell Race 31/5/10

AS 1.9 miles 800ft.

Shuttlingsloe in the background. Up there and back again.
Methuselah joined me again for, our third, run of this race.
Part of the Wildboarclough village fate, it's a real traditional fate and race.
Starts at the oak tree, run down the field, across the river, up through the steep wooded section, back into the open, over a couple of styles up to the top and back again. Finishes when you've touched the wall back at Crag hall. We were both faster than last year but not as quick as our first run two years ago. To reward myself for the effort I then tucked into some home made cake washed down with some local beer. Great end to a fantastic weekend.


  1. Sounds like agood day out.

    I had the pleasure of cutting the hedges:(

  2. Nice one John - sounds like you're getting out quite a bit. Me: I'm doing potty training. Thought I should get around to it after 40 years ;)

  3. Steve if it makes you feel any better I had to cut the grass when I got back.

    Matt, long over due ;-) I may ask for tips at some point.