Rodney's Pillar Hill Race 16/6/10

AS 3.9 miles 950 ft.
Fell Running Pictures
Nice race for me this was. Nice steady climb to Rodney's monument, nothing too steep and a nice fast descent back to the village hall. My second run of this race and I desperately tried to keep up with RichP but he beat me to the top by about 40 secs and once he gets going down hill it's very difficult to catch him. Well done Richard, makes up for your nav error at Foel Fras ;-) At least I managed to knock more than 3 mins off last years time, so , I was pleased with my efforts.
Good to see all the usual smiley faces. Only sorry I won't be able to make next weeks Pontesbury race.


  1. I reckon I got such a good time cos of you - your a hard man to shake of, well done mate. See you on the Callow? Rich

  2. 3 mins is quite an improvement for that distance - sounds like another cracking short race. Like the aerial shot too - that's how do a recce

  3. Thanks Richard. I'm going to miss Callow as well. Going up to the lakes on that date to run Skiddaw. See you around mate.

    Cheers Matt. I'm going to try and collect aerial shots of all the Shropshire races for the blog.

  4. Using an aeroplane is cheeting.

  5. Steve I could get a really good time in a plane, Red Bull style. I don't think the runners would like it though.