Batch Bash Fell Race 2/6/10

AS 3miles 1000ft.
The third race in the Shropshire summer series.
A nice evening for it. Luckily the temperature had dropped a few degrees from the afternoon and the running was quite bearable. Even photographer Alastair had a pair of shorts on. I've not seen legs like that since the 1999 world knobbly knees contest, or was it on a chicken farm ? Only joking Al, you have a fine set of pins ;-)
It was my first run of this race so I didn't really know what to expect. Luckily I was warned by GrahamS that there were three hills on route. Good job too, it seemed like we'd done three miles by the time I'd gone up the second hill. The trails in between the hills suited me as I could get up some good speed and get ahead of a few people before the next hill where I inevitably got caught up again.
I've said it before but I could really do with shedding some weight. Last year I was regularly coming within a minute of fellow runners RichardP and DaronW. Daron has lost a lot of weight himself and Richard seems to be blasting up the hills this year. They're both running really well and keep finishing way ahead of me. I really should try and keep up with them.

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