Training run with Shropshire hill running champ

Well.......not really. I was driving past the Wrekin and had my kit in the truck with me. Decided to go for a quick blast (I thought blast) from wellington car park to the top and back again. Two thirds of the way up I heard foot steps behind me. Who could possibly be catching me up ? (well, actually, lots of people could have been catching me up). Friendly voice says "Hello, I've read your blog". Steven Cale of Shrewsbury athletic club and current local hill running champion jogs up beside me. So, I'm blasting up the Wrekin puffing and panting and Steven says he's out to stretch his legs before work. He kindly slows down to give me a chance to keep up then engages me in conversation, which, I find difficult with all the puffing and panting I'm doing. Easy to see why he leads the races and I'm somewhere way behind. He looked like he was running at 50% while I was more like 90%. Luckily we were nearly at the top and once we turned round and started running back I found conversation a little easier. Once at the bottom Steven continued his run back to work and I fell into my truck. It was nice to meet you Steven. I wish you all the luck defending your tittle this year.

Two and a half hours later I found myself driving back past the Wrekin and I still had my running stuff on. What the hell. I ran it again ! No companion this time but the temperature had dropped and the run was most pleasant.


  1. Two Wrekins in a day? Recognising your addiction is the first step...

  2. Cool!

    I am sure Steven Cale will be telling his friends about training with the ledgendary Lightning.

  3. Methuselah, I should have known I had a problem when I bought a house in sight of the hill. But i think maybe you have spent a little too much time there as well ;-)

    sbrt, that's good of you but as you too have met the Lightning you know I am no ledgend ;-)